About Me


I’m that guy who started breakdancing with friends at a very young age in the South of Holland living by the mentality; evolve or die. But don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. In order to succeed, we always had to be one step ahead, and at a young and impressionable age this fostered creativity and determination to be successful through being different and innovative.


Fast forward a few years and I have been acting in film and theatre for nearly a decade still cherishing this mentality. Throughout this journey I built a strong understanding in writing, filming, editing, photography, directing and producing; providing me a holistic and well-rounded understanding of what it takes to deliver high quality and authentic work.


I have a fascination for social human behavior. Understanding how and why people think, feel and behave the way they do. The desire and understanding I have of different situations and people makes me a rich actor. I take this approach and apply it to myself by making it personal, attaching it to characters, but most importantly, being able to relate and grasp the director’s vision.


My experience in theatre has taught me how to project emotions and connect with a bigger audience in a vulnerable way. Because there is no such thing as bloopers in theatre, the concentration and dedication has to be always ‘on’. Here I developed a strong work ethic by giving the full 100% for two to three hours at a time, which is demanding, yet rewarding. Applying this mentality in the high pace culture of film makes me very easy to work with. The art of film lies within keeping it intimate, small and honest. This is where my expertise kicks in; instead of telling you my story, I involve you in my story.


So what am I up to right now? I completed the short movie “Van Teler Tot Thuis”, which will be exhibited at FloriWorld in May 2020. Now I am preparing myself for the role of Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever.


The richness of life and its experiences cant be captured in a few words.

Let’s connect and let me get to know you!